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EKOU™ HS® series PET injection moulding machine meets the processing requirements of PET material at most.


[HS-90] [HS-150] [HS-180] [HS-250] [HS-330] [HS-400]
[HSJ-90] [HSJ-150] [HSJ-180] [HSJ-180B] [HSJ-220] [HSJ-250] [HSJ-250B] [HSJ-280] [HSJ-330] [HSJ-350] [HSJ-400] [HSJ-550] [HSJ-650]
Injection Unit

Balanced double cylinder injection system with compact structure;

Special designed screw with super performance in moulding PET;

Screw made by high precision CNC thread grinder to achieve strong plasticizing capacity and homogeneous mixing;

Nitrided screw and heating barrel ensure optimum performance and lasting service life;

Electro-hydraulic proportional valve features easy adjusted pressure and flow increase reliability and sensitivity;

Easy adjustable multi-step pressure, speed of INJECT & HOLD-PRESSURE;

Screw directly driven by a high torque hydraulic motor with 99-step speed and 140-step pressure, thus suitable for wide range of material;

Linear potentiometer for screw stroke control;

P.I.D. temperature control;

SUCK-BACK function;

Pressure gauge indicates injection pressure;

Screw and heating barrel made of high-quality 38CrMoAlA assure long service life.

Clamping Unit

International standard toggle mechanism;

Platen and toggle in accuracy machined by CNC machine center;

Large open stroke, efficient and reliable movement;

High quality tie-bars using 40Cr steel;

Automatic mould-height adjustment by hydraulic motor through a planetary gears system ensures fast and constant settings;

Multi-eject function with adjustable pressure, speed, position and delay time;

Low pressure mould-PROTECT;

Linear potentiometer for mould clamp position control;

Three stages of mould-OPEN/CLOSE pressure and speed control;

Whole-covered guide of clamping unit ensures the operator's safety.

Appearance and Foundation

Level pads for foundation are easy for operators to move, install and level the machine;

Oil filters, oil level and oil alarm system in the oil tank;

Whole-covered safety guide is artistic and strong, movable for maintenance.

Hydraulic and Lubricating System

Accuracy hydraulic proportional control system;

Multi-pump system saves energy;

Efficient and reliable hydraulic circuit;

Oil temperature alarm device & emergency stop device;

Core pulling;

Automatic lubricating system with leakage and low level alarm.

Featured Electrical Parts

1) A62/A63 Computer Controller (for K3 machine), Taiwan/Techmation;

2) A60 Computer Controller (for K2 machine), Taiwan/Techmation;

3) FX0N-60MR PLC Controller (for K1 machine), Japan/MITSUBISHI;

4) AC-Contactor, Thermo Relay, Supply Switch, France/Schneider;

5) Time Relay, Limit Switch, Stroke Switch, Japan/OMRON;

6) Linear Position Transducer (for K3 machine only), USA.

Featured Hydraulic Parts

1) Hydraulic Pump, Japan/YUKEN;

2) Hydraulic Motor, Italy-China/INTERMOT;

3) Valve, Germany/REXROTH, USA/VICKERS, Japan/YUKEN;

4) Hydraulic Hose, Italy/MANULI;

5) Sealing, Japan, Germany.

Controllers Comparsion
Type k1 k2 K3
Computer Controller FX0N-60MR(Japan/MITSUBISHI) A60(Taiwan/TECHMATION) A62/A63(Taiwan/TECHMATION)
Position Control Proximity Switches,Limit Switches Potentioemeters,Proximity Switches,Limit Switches
Potentiometer No No Yes, (2/3 pieces)
mould Data Memory No Yes (20 moulds)
Data Input Dial Switches Keyboard
Tempeature Control Temperaure Controllers Computer Controller
Time Control Time Relays Computer Controller
Internal Program & Data Unmodifiable Modifiable
Screw Protection No Yes
Data Display LED LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Date & Time No Yes
Auto Heating No Yes (24 hours)
Alarm Flash & Sound Flash, Sound & Data Indication
Lubrication System Manual Automatic
Safety Device Electric & Mechnical Electric & Mechnical
Air Eject No Yes (optional)
Core Pulling No Double Core Pulling (optional)
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