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Stretching blow moulding is use to produce PET bottle from PET preform through:


Blowing mould;

Some other assistant equipment.

Stretching blow moulding is also called biaxial orientation blow moulding. It is a kind of package container producing method stretching preform in axes by mechanical device and in radial by compressed air ( air should be cleaned by air purifying system if necessary) when material is under high elasticity condition. This is widely used for PET, PE, PVC and etc.

Orientation can improve product's mechanical property, solvent resistance, transparency and anti-permeability. Polymer molecule is unbalanced long-chain structure. Orientation happens when stretching. Orientation means molecule arrange along stretching direction parallelly.

Stretching blow moulding brings biaxial orientation effect to the products. To cool products quickly means high orientation degree.

The glass transition temperature of PET is 82oc, and its best orientation temperature is 105oc.

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