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Bottle Blowing Mould


Model I withaluminum heater and model II with fair infrared heater.

Semiautomatic and manual operationons are available.

Specially designed mold sealing system for blowing big neck jar with high pressure.

One far infrared heater can serve one or two main machines.

Front clamping system enables machine run steadily.

Well-designed pneumatic system and buffering device ensure moving parts run without shock and noise.

High quality parts to lengthen machine's service life.

Far infrared heater is equipped with two coolers,one for cooling preform neck to avoid distortion,the other for thick preform heating.

Far infrared heater equipped with rotation system reduces the reject rate.

EB20-II Specification
EB5-II Specification
EB2-II Specification
Model EB2-II EB5-II EB20-II
Capacity BPH 700-900 400-800 60-90
Clamping Force KN 60 90 150
Mould opening stroke mm 135 235 400
Stretch mm 360 450 550
Bottle space between mm 120-150 140-180 /
Cavity / 2 1 1
Max. Container L 20 5 2
Max. Neck size mm 40 120 60
Max. bottle diameter mm 95 180 300
Max. bottle height mm 360 450 550
Installed Power KW 14 14 11.5
Max. Heating Power KW 12.8 12.8 10.4
Operating Air Pressure Kg/cm2 8 8 8
Operating Air Consumption 1tr/min 300 300 250
Blowing Air Pressure Kg/cm2 25 25 30
Blowing Air Consumption 1tr/min 350 350 400
Measurement for blower(LxWxH) M 1.62x0.67x1.68 2x0.65x1.75 2.8x0.7x2
Weight for blower Kg 500 650 1800
Measurement for heater (LxWxH) M 1.6x0.6x1.5 1.6x0.6x1.5 2.4x0.8x2
Weight for heater Kg 300 300 400


Features Touch screen computer of MITSUBISHI.Operate consistently and simply.
Features pneumatic elements of German FESTO and Japan SMC.
Specially designed for energy-saving purpose.Mechanical unit is compact and sound.
Features trouble alert and diagnostic units to allow easy maintenance.
Environmentally friendly design.Nontoxic conveyor belt to carry preforms.
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