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PET injection moulding is use to produce PET preform through:

PET Injection Moulding Machine (IMM)

Preform Mould

Assistant Equipment

Drying of PET

PET is a kind of moisture absorption plastics, usually its water content is about 0.05%. To get perfect PET preform (transparency and physical performance), also to enhance moulding efficiency, the water content of PET resin should be <=0.005%. Therefore necessary drying of PET is required.

The common drying method is drying by hopper dryer or dehumidifier.

Cooling of Preform mould

Cooling of preform mould is also very important. It affects preform's quality directly. The temperature of cooling water should be 15~20oc, and the pressure of cooling water should be around 5Bar. Water chiller is suggested.

Moulding Temperature

For injection machine, temperature of nozzle and front zone should be about 280oc, and middle zone around 282oc, rear zone around 275oc. The temperature of hot runner in preform mould should be around 270oc.

These temperature vary a little bit with IMM, preform's design and weight, mould's structure and cooling, etc.

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